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”the best in the new corresponds to an old need“

paul valéry (1871–1945) french poem, philosopher, essayist

esmatec GmbH, originally named esmaplast GmbH, was founded in the year 1989 by Markus Esterle. At first glance, there are more things on the market than any human being could ever need. But on closer inspection, the perceptive customer quickly realises things could be pared down thus increasing efficiency and improving every thing. This is the philosophy of Markus Esterle - increased functionality, greater workmanship so new products are better than ever. This is our target.

Identifying gaps in the current offering allows us to help close them. This is Markus Esterle´s motivation, CEO of esmatec GmbH. His own dissatisfaction with the markets´s offering inspired him to invent new ideas, and this remains unchanged today. His wealth of experience is reflected in esmatec´s unrivalled levels of productivity, innovation and reliability.


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  esmatec GmbH · manufacturing technology for metal and plastic· Rechenberger Str. 17 · 74597 Stimpfach · Germany · Telephone +49 7967 702727-0    
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