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ESMA-ASSK for hydraulic ejector of injection molding machines

With the ESMA ASSK it concerns itself around the system of a high-speed clamping clutch for hydraulic ejectors of injection moulding machines.
There exists in almost all injection molding machines the ability to set up a Schnellspannkupplung ESMA ASSK. There are three different sizes.
In designing this system, care was taken to simplest operation to the user and the greatest security for the tool, that is, only the small "rotation" is necessary because it will draw on all resources, such as keys, electrical, air, oil or similar waived.

The main advantages are:

1. Upgradable
It is possible, a High-speed clamping clutch ESMA ASSK with all common threads of the hydraulic ejector supply.
Therefore and due to the low mounting height and the smallest diameter of this system is suitable for almost all injection molding machines.

2. Setup time for changing tools
When injection molding and injection molding tools are equipped with this system and will be taken to ensure that a standardization of measurement - movable platen to the inner surface High-speed clamping clutch - for all machines is set uniformly, then one can ignore the setup time required for connecting the coupling elements, since only a small manual 'rotation' is necessary, without additional aids. Should always be an axial displacement of the hydraulic ejector ejector rod on the tool available for any reason, then this is the ESMA ASSKA with up to 2.5 millimeters center offset offered by independent compensation.

3. Security
To prevent accidental locking of the ESMA High-speed clamping clutch ASSK that the clutch was designed so that the coupling pin ESMA ASSZ must be fully inserted into the ESMA High-speed clamping clutch ASSK in order to lock it with a little plan to. This also ensures that the ejector is located in the rear position, so no damage can occur on the tools.

4. Solving problems
This High-speed clamping clutch ESMA ASSK the setters can be a product made available, with whom he will overcome the existing shortcomings and problems combining the hydraulic ejector with the injection mold quickly.

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fertigungstechnik metall Kanten- und Konturfr�smaschine fertigungstechnik kunststoff auswerferschnellspannkupplung esmatec